"Politics Online Magazine"

What was POM?

In the early 1990s, I was a teenager active in the St. Louis BBS scene. I didn't realize this at the time, but I was getting into BBSing as the the scene was reaching its zenith. Just a couple years later, the entire scene would collapse as the World Wide Web became dominant.

In 1994-95, I collaborated with David Killoren and Mark Waelterman to produce "Politics Online Magazine," a short-lived mag we published as textfiles distributed via BBSes. We produced only four issues.

It's funny now to read the articles I wrote. My articles are shallow and ill-supported compared to the others, most of which were better researched and written.

It's too bad POM didn't last longer. But because we began it at the time BBSes were nearing their death throes, the project was doomed to fail.

The first couple issues were distributed as ZIP files that included both a plain-text ASCII edition of the magazine, and a custom ANSI edition with color and formatting. This custom ANSI edition required the use of the "POMVIEW.exe" viewer program for DOS, which was included in the ZIP. POMVIEW was written by Mark Waelterman.

"Politics Online Magazine" (textfiles)

"Politics Online Magazine" (ZIP file)

Unfortunately I have a copy of only one of the original ZIP editions, which includes the special POMVIEW viewer program. My recollection is that other editions also were distributed as ZIPs, but those files, if they existed, seem to be lost to time.

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