For Lylah:

"Spinning, Shipwrecked, Rescued Fine"

Written 06/03/99

Fighting, gasping
Trying it all
Nothing to hold on to
The ocean broke your fall

But when you pull your head up
From that pool of dim
Straining so hard
Sinking when you wanted to swim

But it's up there now
At least for a glance
So look around
While you've got the chance

What do you see?
Stars fill the heavens high
There's so much more
If you could reach the sky

You're all alone now
Don't try to float
Forget the treading
Someone's bringing a boat

He picks you up
And towels you dry
Your eyes aglaze
Nothing left to cry

Go to sleep now
Lay on the deck
You're safe right here now
Life after the wreck

You can't help but notice, though
As you recuperate there
The hope and light
That shines through the air

Breathe it, feel it
Let it flow
There's life, there's truth
And it's something you can know

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