"One Weird Day in the Simulator"

It was first hour on a Friday. I was looking forward to getting this day out of the way and going home. At 8:05, the second bell rang and we waited for the morning announcements to finish. Once they had, we lined up so Coach could take attendance. Noone in our group was absent that day.

Coach told the drivers to go, and they did. Since we weren't driving that day, we went to our simulators and got ready to simulate.

Boy was I surprised when my simulator began sinking into the ground! Nobody else seemed to notice my unusual predicament, and I was interested to see where my simulator was going, so I stayed seated in it. Finally, the simulator and I were both completely below the floor of the simulator room. A hatch above my head snapped shut, cutting me off from the room above.

My simulator rolled forward, and at first I thought I might be able to steer it, but that proved impossible. Since I had come this far, I decided to sit back and enjoy the ride. The vast underground was dark, as I expected it to be. After many minutes, the simulator came to a halt.

A bright beam of light illuminated an object in front of me. I could make out the words "The Coach To End All Coaches" written on it. A cloud of smoke poofed into the air, and prevented me from seeing more. It didn't matter, though, because someone began speaking to me.

"Hello, boy. You broke the rules. Now you pay," it said.

What the heck was going on? "What the heck is going on?" I asked aloud.

"Don't feign ignorance with me, you little rogue," he sneered.

I had had enough. I got out of my simulator and approached this "coach to end all coaches." "Look, buddy," I said. "I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, so get off my back!"

I could see him scrutinizing me through the cloud of smoke. "Hmmmm.... I suppose you aren't the person I wanted. Sorry to bother you."

With that said, my simulator began backtracking it's original course. I ran to catch up, and hopped back on. Within a few seconds, I was in the simulator room again, simulating with all the other driver's ed students.

"My, that was odd," I thought to myself.


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