The idea for this story came from a morning when we had a strange substitute teacher in my Writing II class. Since so many of the short stories I wrote in 10th grade were inspired by my Spanish class, I ended up setting this story in Spanish class instead. Anyway, this substitute had an awesome memory, but he really freaked us all out.

"Substitution of Evil Omnipotence"

One dark, dreary, and dismally destitute day, my Spanish teacher was sick. He had stayed at home with his wife and kids. That was good and all for him.... But little did he know what would happen to us, his students.

The substitute stood at the door and greeted us all by name, as if he'd known us for years or something.

"How do you know my name?" I demanded.

"Oh," he said chillingly, "I think you'll find out..."

I went into the room and sat down. The sub came in after me and called roll without the the name cards! He must have been doing it from memory. The entire class was now on edge. Who was this wacko, and what did he want?

The lesson started off pretty well, but ten minutes into it, he raised his head and got a strange look in his eyes. "Josh Renaud," he said, "Prepare for early dismissal."

Just then, the intercom crackled to life and said "Room 206, please release Josh Renaud for early dismissal."

I couldn't believe it! "How did you know that?" I screamed. "You're a maniac! Why are you here?"

The substitute grew angry, and the room darkened. Outside, lightning flared and the wind howled. "I know all, I see all," he said. "I am omnipotent and omniscient. Do you dare defy me?"

The class was silent. "I thought so," he continued. "You are all now my subjects. You shall serve me from this moment on. Now get on your knees and bow!"

I had had enough. "Get out of our face, you maggot!" I yelled. "I have more strength in my pinky finger than you've had in your entire life. Now get out my way, so I can leave for early dismissal."

Instantly, the room returned to normal. "Josh," the substitute said politely, "You may leave now."

With a huff, I left. As I was going, though, I swear I heard him say "Now... where were we?"


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