Lots of students, music, laughing, silliness, and fun. That's exactly what I got from being a part of our Student Venture group, plus the fact that there is a great message about Jesus being told.

This club has been going strong for four years. It started off as a Young Life club, founded by Doug Carr for Hazelwood West Students. I got involved a year later. Now, it is a part of Student Venture, the high school ministry of "Campus Crusade for Christ."

I graduated from West last year, but the club is still rockin' and rollin' every Monday night. They have some great leaders like T.R. and Lucy Carr, Jeff and Shari Schultz, and Kenny Scholl. Our speaker this past semester was Gary Varner, who is a really cool guy, and pretty good at paintball.

Here are a few pictures I've dug up and scanned. They feature a lot of the activities that we did this year, so I hope it gives you a feeling for how much fun it is. I also hope it will get you interested in coming.

Every Monday night, after we get done holding club, we all go to the nearby McDonald's. While the slogan "food, folks, and fun" might not be true of the employees there, we sure have a lot of food, folks, and fun.

This Christmas, we took a trip to the Southwind Young Life camp, and it was incredible. Here is most of the group huddling together during the DisneyWorld New Year's Eve celebration.

This is another picture from Southwind. Here we're having our club time, singing songs, dancing around, and just having a good time. We do this on Monday nights, too, but without the bright lights, and with a few less people.

Here I am, yelling at someone while watching a volleyball game. This was during the Student Venture Lock-In, which was a blast.

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