"You and Me"

Written 05/09/2001

There is only you
And me
A lot more of me
Why do I shut you out?
Why do you stay after me?
I turn you away
Hurt you with things I say
Me, my, mine
Do it my way and everything's fine
Then I fall flat on my face
Caught up by your grace
And there isn't a trace
of repentance
Strengthen me
Gird me up
I feel like Jesus
I don't want the cup
But I know you have one for me
Is it poison, is it pure?
With you I can't be sure
That's why I have to trust
No ifs, it's a must
Help me drink it, gulp it down
Take up the cross, put on the crown
Rejoice in the thorns
My garments are torn
And so is my devotion
To myself
Cut it, cap it, snuff it out
Erase the fear, destroy the doubt
I'm here, I'm yours, I'll do whatever you say
If you give me strength I'll be okay

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