It’s splittin’ time

Okay, here’s the deal… I started my Bolivia weblog several years ago to chronicle my adventures as I traveled to a new country and spent time with the woman who would later become my wife, Yoli. Over the years, that weblog has stayed fairly Bolivia-focused.

Recently, though, we’ve been putting a lot of our family news on the Bolivia weblog, and that’s been bothering me because stuff like our baby pictures is not particularly Bolivia-related. So I decided a while I ago that I wanted to create a separate weblog where we could write about our family news and what’s going on here in the Renaud apartmenthold.

It took me a while, but I have finally done it! You are now reading the “Renaud Family” weblog. All the entries related to Jadzia have been moved from the “Bolivia” weblog and placed here. We will continue to update this weblog to talk about what new stuff is going on here and what Jadzia is up to.

As for the Bolivia weblog, it is not dead. We are planning another trip to Bolivia that will take place in January 2006. We will chronicle that trip on the Bolivia weblog. We will also write from time to time about things going in bolivia with our friends there as well as the political situation (there are important elections scheduled for the end of this year, for instance).

So, to sum up. The Renauds now have 2 weblogs: A FAMILY weblog and a BOLIVIA weblog. We hope you’ll keep reading them both!