December photo update

Well, now that everything is all settled in here at our new “Renaud Family” website, we thought it was past time to post some of the photos we’ve taken lately. Most of these are of Jadzia, so check ’em out!

Yoli holds Jadzia before her first Petra concert. This would be Jadzia’s (and our) last Petra concert since they are on their Farewell Tour.

After the concert (which Jadzia slept through), we got her picture taken with John Schlitt (lead singer, left) and Bob Hartman (founder/guitarist).

We also got a picture with Paul Simmons (drummer, left) and Greg Bailey (bassist), who gave Jadzia her first set of bunny ears in a photo.

Jadzia is smiling a lot now. It certainly made all the work worthwhile once she began to do that.

Mom and daughter play.

Jadzia sleeps. We have had some 8-hour nights, actually, though she isn’t doing that every night yet.

Jadzia usually enjoys playing on her “ocean wonders” mat.

We took Jadzia to the Spanish church in Collinsville that we visit from time to time, Iglesia Bautista Agape, to be dedicated. The pastor is Calixto Ulloa, who was one of Yoli’s professors at seminary in Bolivia. One of Yoli’s fellow students from that seminary is also part of the church as the worship leader.

Dad takes Jadzia for a plane ride through the room.

Mama and papa celebrate their second anniversary, but somebody else isn’t too happy about the whole picture-taking thing.

Jadzia’s doctor complimented her on her strong neck. I hope that her neck stays strong in only the literal sense.

Bottle-feeding is hit or miss with Jadzia. Notice how her hands are “praying.”

Jadzia poses with her cousin Hayden (born in November) at Thanksgiving.

7 Replies to “December photo update”

  1. She is absolutely adorable!!! Congratulations again on adding a new member of your family. Best of luck to you guys!

  2. Yoli and Josh,
    Your Baby is beautiful! Keep posting photos as I willkeep checking them out! Thanks so much for sharing your special shots.

  3. Yoly: tu beb� frunce las sejas igual que Josh, y le sac� su naricita. Que bonita, pero se parece mas a t� que a �l.
    !Felicidades por ese regalo tan lindo que te mand� pap� Dios!

  4. Josh: congratulations on the baby! It’s amazing what neat stuff you can find on the web around midnight when sleepily searching for the names of grade-school friends on Google. Glad to see you’re doing well!

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