Family photo time

A couple weeks ago, we took Jadzia for a second trip to the Target in deep south county to have a family picture taken. Jadzia seems to be a natural in front of the camera, she smiles very easily. We wanted to post a few pictures.

If you’re interested in owning a copy of any of these photos, they can be purchased through Target’s web site. Just email us and we’ll send you the info.

BTW – If you check the Post for Target’s coupons, they have some GREAT deals on photos. Like $8 for a complete package. It’s hard to beat that.

One Reply to “Family photo time”

  1. Las fotos estan bell�simas! Tu hija es muy hermosa y como dices, tiene una sonrisa natural. Andy ya camina. Camino mas o mesno a los 10 y medio. Andy tiene 8 dientes desde los cicno creo! 🙁 No hace facil la tarea de dar de chupar, pero bueno…es lo mejor para �l. Un abrazo fuerte y muchos deseos de bendiciones.

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