“P” for Pelonita



Yes, we finally followed the Bolivian tradition and shaved Jadzia’s hair. It took two days.

Yoi has been very excited about this for quite a while and it became increasingly clear she wanted to do it very soon. But I was becoming more and more reluctant because I liked my daughter’s hair.

Finally, I relented and on Bolivia’s Children’s Day (April 12) we did the deed.

Yoli started by taking scissors and cutting off large chunks of hair. This wasn’t too difficult, and at the end of the process Jadzia’s head really looked weird.

The next step was actually shaving. We put Jadzia in the bath tub and got some water and gave her a ducky to play with. We decided to start by using baby shampoo instead of shaving cream, but it actually made her hair to slick and it was hard to shave. Plus she still had lots of cradle cap on the very top of her head, which also made shaving difficult. We made a lot of progress on the sides and back of her head before we finally called it quits. Jadzia was tired of the bath and so were we. Her skin was also more prune-wrinkled than I have ever seen before.

We came back the next day and continued shaving, this time with shaving cream. Bit by bit we made progress. We shaved her for one session during the day, and then Yoli finished the job over two sessions in the evening while I was at work. Yoli used an ABC Radio toy (given to us by Joe and Nikki) to keep Jadzia distracted for one session. Then Yoli made the finishing strokes at night while Jadzia was sleeping.

All in all it was a lot more work than we thought! But her hair is growing back and already her head is fuzzy again.

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  1. Que interesante! Es un costumbre Boliviano. Yo no hizo con mis hijos pero de vez en cuando me reclaman de eso.

  2. It’s always good to hear from you, Yoli. You’re still in St. Louis? I retired three years ago and am enjoying the freedom to do a lot of different things. Are you a stay-at-home mom?
    Drop us a note……Profe

  3. Thanks for keeping me up to date. I appreciate that! May the Lord bless. For what it’s worth, she looks better with hair.

  4. Hi Josh, Yoli and Jadzia!
    My, what a lovely headshape you have there Jadzia!
    Ok, Josh I told you I would tell you what Grandma’s first words were: “Oh my gosh!” She seemed a bit shocked, but after reading your entry, her heart rate and pulse were normal. Me, I will say that I have heard that that is a customed way to try and get the hair curlier for the future! But take it from me, my hair (when a youngster) had some curl to it, and look at it now! Very fine, and straight! (I guess I have the honorable RER to thank for that!) I’ll take whatever the Lord sees fit. It is real interesting to see (or hear) of cultural practices/traditions! Thanks for sharing this with us!
    Yoli, how long till the hair grows back? Just curious.
    We thank you for educating us!!! Whoa!
    Carol and Grandma R

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