Garden visit

This past week we took Jadzia to the Missouri Botanical Garden for the first time. It was a lot of fun for us. Jadzia got bored with it after a while, but we brought some food and got her to eat and later to sleep. Check out these photos…

The glass balls in the reflecting pool are part of the Chihuly glass exhibition that’s going on at the Garden right now.

This boat installation is also part of the glass exhibition. It’s surrounded by a sea of green grass, trees, and shrubs.

Jadzia playing with her papa near the lookout tower (next to the maze).

Jadzia with her mama on the stairs of the look out tower.

In the Japanese garden, I took Jadzia down to the lake and posed for several photos. She is a natural model!

Another lakeside photo.

Jadzia as seen through the branch of an evergreen.

Jadzia in a clearing.

Koi fish on a feeding frenzy.

A fountain in the Japanese garden. We took this picture right about the time Jadzia went to sleep. Ah, sleep.

4 Replies to “Garden visit”

  1. Those are great pictures! Jadzia is getting so big! I still haven’t met her, but I hope I will one day soon.

  2. We’re glad that you had a nice time in the garden with Jadzia. You know, being natives of St. Louis, and frequent visitors after moving, we have never been there!
    The pics of Jadzia are appreciated; she is so darling. My, my, she is growing so fast (including her hair!- couldn’t resist the comment).
    Give her a big hug and kiss from us! Can’t wait to see you in August!
    Carol and Grandma

  3. Jadzia:
    Est�s muy bonita, y me algra mucho ver tan linda sonrisa, se ve que est�s tan feliza con tus papitos, un beso para ti de parte de tu t�a Eliza y tus primitos M�lany, Rebeca y Daniel.

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