Hermanas juguetonas

Jadzia and Ludi sure are playful. Here’s some recent photos showing the girls doing their thing.

Jadzia had a fun time at Caboose Park in Ferguson on a special day in which they opened the cabooses and let kids go inside. I was squeezing my way through the cabooses with both Ludi and Jadzia (Yoli was at work), so I forgot to get photos on the cabooses. But we did take some photos of Jadzia “driving” a vintage bus that was also at the park that day.

Ludi has inherited Jadzia’s old aquarium play mat. She seems to get a bigger kick out of it than Jadzia did when she was a baby. But Jadzia (now older) likes to announce from time to time that it’s HER toy.

Jadzia knows the entire alphabet now, and can spell any capitalized word she sees. It seems the alphabet school bus and the Radio Croci she got as presents last year really paid off!

Besides the bus, probably Jadzia’s two other favorite sets of toys are her set of beads and her animal blocks. She likes to build towers (or ordering her papa to make things). She also likes to make pretend worlds. She’ll ask me to make a TV out of blocks, then couches, and then she will put blocks onto the couches and call them “Tio” or “Nanny” or “Hayden.”

Here are the cuties again.