Houston, we have a Jadzia

Well, we have been enjoying the Republic of Texas for the past 2 days.

On Sunday we flew into Houston to visit with Yoli’s friend Sonja and her husband Jody and their two children. The flight itself went very well with no problems from Jadzia or Ludi. In fact, this may have been one of the best flights we’ve had in our post-childbirth era. 🙂

We enjoyed our day with the Zanders. Yoli was showing Sonja how to make many Bolivian foods that she remembered from her days living in Bolivia and attending Hebron Theological Seminary. Jadzia seemed to have fun playing with Xena, who was just a little bit younger than her. The two girls had a bath together Sunday night and really enjoyed that. Jody and I spent a couple hours racing each other on Gran Turismo for his playstation. It’s been a while since I’ve played any video games, so it was a fun diversion for me.

Monday morning, Jonathan came over to pick us up. He had surprised his girlfriend Brittney this weekend by showing up to visit her earlier than she expected. Our drive from Houston to San Antonio went pretty well; we didn’t have to stop for anything, and we were able to squeeze all our luggage and car seats into Jonny’s Neon.

We spent Monday visiting with Nan and Jonny and my cousin Alan. In the evening we wanted to go bowling, but it didn’t work out, so instead we drove over to my Aunt Karen’s and surprised her. Jadzia played with dolls and stickers and got a kick out of seeing all their fish tanks. Jonny and Alan shot some pool, then Yoli and I took a turn. None of us was very good, I think.

Anyway, so far the trip has been very nice. We always love to be in San Antonio.