Jadzia is speaking so much better these days than she was months ago. She uses far more intelligible words and sentences, though they are often mixtures of Spanish and English.

Here are a few interesting things she is saying (frequently) these days.

“Careful, careful”

We have always used “cuidate” (be careful) since she started crawling and walking… Now she says it all the time.

“I got it, I did it”

These two phrases are always uttered together. And usually when I hear her say it, I launch into my rendition of Mr. Rogers’ song You can do it.

“I fell my dedé”

She means “I dropped my blanket.” Dedé (or “dayday”) is her madeup word for mantita, or blanket.

“Nosy nose”

She has taken to adding the “y” sound to the ends of certain words, especially nose. When her nose is running, she will start repeating “nosy nose.” Other examples: “Binky” (another word for blanket); “bookie” for book.

“We’re sharing”

She often says this when she is really sharing toys or something. But sometimes she uses it when Ludi or Yoli or I have something and she wants to start playing with it, too.

“Nanny, Bock, Tio, Becca, Keaton, Hayden”

When we are playing pretend with toys, the toys will all become a long list of characters from the family. She recites every name from memory. Or, if we are praying, she likes to call out every name in the family.

“Mary, Joseph, Jesus”

Same as above. Ever since she started hearing the Christmas story, she likes to pretend she is Mary and that Ludi or her dolls are Jesus.

“Es abajo en la mesa”

“It’s under the table.” She now can give specific directions on where to find her books or toys.

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  1. She actually said “Thank You” last time she was with me-without being prompted. She said it exactly the same way Yoli says thank you:)

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