Change of seasonry

It finally feels like spring.

Today I mowed the grass for the first time this year. It had become a jungle. Now it looks somewhat civilized. (I also got to bust out my new weed wacker)

But the yard still is reeling from the abuse it took from last year’s moles. It seems like there aren’t any tunnels right now, but I still think I need to call somebody to come out and take a look. I definitely don’t want a repeat of last summer/fall/winter where virtually every inch of the front and back yard were eventually tunnelled under.

Still, we’ve had some flowers bloom, our hostas are popping up, and the front gardens look very nice. The backyard gardens aren’t in such good shape, but at least nobody else is looking at them.

We want to start a small vegetable garden in the back, which should be nice.

Speaking of veggies, tomorrow marks the first week of the Ferguson Farmer’s Market which seems to get better every year. It’s a great place to find food and flowers, but it also has a very nice social atmosphere. Plus there are lots of great activities each week. (Yoli is looking forward to this summer’s pie contest as usual)

So, I’m happy that warm weather is here and the farmer’s market is starting. But I am definitely tired of the rain. This year I am playing in a softball league with a bunch of friends from The Current. The past 3 weekends we have been rained out, with the potential for another rainout this weekend if the field doesn’t dry from tonight’s downpour. But the fields have been decent enough for us to practice on.

And boy have I needed the practice. It’s been 10 years since I last played organized baseball or softball. My fielding has been pretty rusty, though I think I have made great improvements. I am less optimistic about my throwing abilities (I’ll be in the outfield)… that softball is a lot harder to throw than a baseball.