Palmiers Saturday

It’s a new season at the Ferguson farmer’s market, which means more chances for Yoli to enter contests.

You may recall that last year Yoli took second place in the pie contest.

This year there is no pie contest, unfortunately. In its place, the market will hold several contests for different fruits. Saturday was the first: the berry contest. Any “delicious creation” that featured berries was eligible.

Yoli entered Strawberry Palmiers. It’s a sort of sandwich made up of two palmiers with cream and strawberries layered over each. A palmier is a type of puff pastry with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on top, then rolled like a jelly roll, cut into slices, and baked. Click this link to get an idea what I’m talking about. Yoli used organic lard and strawberries that she got from the farmer’s market.

Yoli has a competitive spirit, and that makes her fit in well with the Renauds. She wanted to make something creative and tasty that would win first place. The fact that palmiers use puff pastry, which she long has been fascinated by, was a bonus.

We spent a lot of time at the market Saturday. Yoli woke up early to get to the market at opening time (8 a.m.) so she could buy fresh berries. Then she came back home and prepared all the ingredients. Her plan was to assemble the palmiers at the market shortly before judging began (11 a.m.).

So, I scheduled a haircut for 9:40 a.m., since the barber is very close to the market. Jadzia and Ludi got to watch me get my haircut while Yoli went back to the market to enter the contest before the 10 a.m. deadline. Then she came back and got the girls took them to the market for storytime, sponsored by the Ferguson Municipal Library.

After my locks were shorn, I joined the family and perused the market. Lots of nice stuff, although all the best stuff was already gone. It was a nice, hot day. We decided to eat some corn dogs and hot dogs to tide us over while we waited for judging time. Jadzia consumed 1.6 corn dogs.

As it turned out, there were only four or five entries in the berry contest, unlike the 35 entries they had for the pie contest last year. We were sorry to hear that. After all, the more competition, the better.

But no matter the number, Yoli vanquished the competition. All the judges sang praises for the palmiers.

Yoli got to have her name announced over the P.A. system and she walked away with the $50 prize.

What a sweet feeling!

(Not to mention, I get to eat the left over palmiers and cream.)

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  1. I think we need to try those a second time since they are now an award winning dessert. Hmmm-what special occasion may be coming soon-Oh yea! How about Father’s Day?:)

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