Comments are working again (hopefully)

Lately I’ve been feeling bummed. I had been writing a lot more on the weblog the last few months … but there were no comments.

So I posted the video of Jadzia. After a couple of days, still no comments.

I thought: “Sure, maybe people aren’t interested in what I’m writing. But how could anyone not respond to this awesome video?” I was puzzled and began to investigate.

Turns out that the problem started when I upgraded my blog software a couple months ago.

And it turns out that you all HAVE been writing comments … it’s just that my weblog classified all your comments as spam!

Thankfully I have been able to salvage all the comments made in the last two months. Unfortunately any comments you all posted between mid-April and mid-May were deleted automatically by the system. (feel free to go back and post more comments though!)

Anyway, order has been restored and comments now should work normally, so please post away!

2 Replies to “Comments are working again (hopefully)”

  1. Yah, comments are working! I was wondering when you were going to “approve” them which is what it said after I wanted to post it! I was thinking maybe you didn’t like our comments anymore!

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