Softball season bites the dust

Today I finally got to play the elusive doubleheader that had been rained out twice before. It was a good day for me personally. I went 3-for-4 with 1 RBI in the two games. But my team, the Roid Ragers, still lost both games. We ended the season unvictorious.

Yoli and the girls came out for the first game. It seemed like they enjoyed it. Jadzia really got into the “picnic” aspect of it. We brought a little food she and Ludi to snack on and a blanket for the girls to sit on. It was nice to be able to come over and say hi to them between innings. Jadzia also got into the spirit of the game, yelling whenever she would hear the players yelling something. (Of course her father was probably one of the biggest yellers on the field)

But out in the field it was hot! The high temperature for the day was 99° according to the Post-Dispatch. Thankfully there were breezes much of the time, and a lot of shade behind the benches. But those same breezes kicked up a lot of dust. I was a muddy mess later in the evening when I hit the showers.

Between games I had to shuttle Yoli and the girls back home to take their naps. I had just enough time to eat a bit of peach pie before heading back to play in Game Two.

All in all I enjoyed the season. I wish it had rained less so that we wouldn’t have had such an erratic schedule. I probably would have played better. But I feel like I made a lot of progress in the last few weeks: I ended the season on a 6-for-10 tear (if you count a practice game we played one of the Sundays we got rained out).

Most of all it was fun to hang out with friends, and, gasp, have some physical activity.

I can’t believe I just wrote that last phrase.

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  1. I only wish we could have played the week before and gotten you guys that first victory! Congrats on a strong finish to your first of many seasons of softball.

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