New camera

People always seem surprised to learn that we don’t have cable, high-speed internet access, cell phones or a digital camera. After all, we are a highly computer-literate family, and I am a lover of technology. Well, now you can knock one of those off the list: we got a digital camera. But I wouldn’t bet on any of the othe rs changing anytime soon.

Actually, we have had a digital video camera for a couple years. But we felt this was the year to start taking digital photos, especially with our trip to Bolivia coming in two weeks. That way we can post photos on our Bolivia weblog at the same time as we write about events that happen there.

The camera is a Canon PowerShot A590 IS… it’s very nice. Among the features are the ability to manually adjust the focus, aperture, etc; plus it has a viewfinder, which is rare on point-and-shoot digital cameras. This lets us shut off the LCD screen much of the time, so we don’t use the batteries as fast.

The (kind of) funny part of the story is that we didn’t know my mom was planning to give us a a camera as a present on Yoli’s birthday. Imagine her dismay as we got to her house for the party and were telling her our Amazon horror stories (“Yeah, we ordered this camera and it was supposed to arrive this morning, but it still hasn’t shipped yet, blah blah blah…”).

Well, great minds think alike, and she wanted us to have a camera for the same reason we wanted it: photos from Bolivia.

Speaking of Amazon, we did have technical problems getting this camera delivered. The camera did show up eventually, more than a week after we ordered it. We had to talk with their Filipino customer support folks (who were very nice) a couple times. (Turns out my Citi American Express card’s phone support is also in the Philippines. Who knew?)

Here are some of our early photos with the camera:

Flowers in the neighbor’s lovely garden.

Ludi likes climbing into Jadzia’s chair.

Collage of Jadzia making faces. She really likes posing for the camera, and likes even more to review all of her photos on the camera’s LCD screen afterward. Everyday since the camera arrived, she tells us “I want to take photos.”

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  1. Yeah, the neighbor has beautiful flowers, nice grass, and toddler size chairs. No wonder Jadzia and Ludi love being there.

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