Checking out Ferguson’s new Maid-Rite

While we were in Bolivia, Ferguson’s new Maid-Rite opened. It’s in the space where O.T. Hodge used to be. I miss the Hodge, but I was eager to check out the new place with its loose ground beef burgers. It’s the first Maid-Rite franchise in the St. Louis area.

I wasn’t sure if I’d like it. I’m not a huge sloppy joe fan. But Maid-Rite isn’t a sloppy joe. It’s a loose, crumbly seasoned ground beef, but without sauce (unless you order a specialty one with BBQ or something like that).

I bought the $8 Bacon Cheese-Rite basket. Basically you get the sandwich, fries, and a drink. The food was excellent. I really enjoyed the sandwich, and the fries were perfect.

A little bit pricey for my taste, but I bet we’ll take the kids every once in a while. They have corn dogs and other stuff which will be perfect. Jadzia can scarf corn dogs down like there’s no tomorrow.

Since Yoli still has our digital camera down in Bolivia, I didn’t take any photos of the inside. But the Maid-Rite website already has a bunch of photos of the Ferguson location here

3 Replies to “Checking out Ferguson’s new Maid-Rite”

  1. Wow…that’s a lot more expensive than the Maid-Rite in Rolla! They don’t even sell “meals” there…you just order it all separate. Have you ever been with Justin and Becca? I love going there because I agree…the burgers are awesome, the onion rings are perfect, there’s free soda refills (so you can just buy the small drink), and it’s soooo cheap! :0)

  2. I have never been to nor heard of Maid-Rite, but after reading your blog and taking a look at their website, it reminds me of a cafe in the Wichita area. It’s called Nu Way Cafe – can’t get any better than a crumbly burger and homemade onion rings! Now I’m craving it (I bet I can’t find anything like that here in Del Rio =)

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE maid-rite… unfortunately, Justin doesn’t, so if he has his choice, he always chooses somewhere else. I actually went there for my b-day this year and it was fabulous. Our maid-rite also does flavored sodas, so I always do a cherry vanilla coke. MMMMM. Now I’m craving it…

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