Sick Sunday

The last few days Jadzia has been getting sick. She’s had trouble sleeping, calling us at various times through the night. She isn’t really running a fever, but she has a runny nose and a cough, and she isn’t herself.

She still seemed excited about going to the FamilyWise service this morning. We thought we’d take her to that, but not take to her regular children’s ministry class where she would be handling toys and playing closely with other kids.

But just as we were suiting up to leave, Jadzia decided she no longer wanted to go. So we ended up staying home from church. She spent the next several hours laying on the couch, moving in and out of sleep, listening to Christmas music and Bible readings.

It’s always tough to watch the girls be sick. We want them to heal up soon … and we also want to make sure they don’t infect each other or us.

There may be one bright side out of all this, at least for Ludi: She’s been totally free the last two days. Free to run around without her older sister bossing her, taking toys from her, pushing her, etc, etc. She seems pretty happy about it, too.

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