Full house

So we’ve gotten through the first night with three girls. It has been a bit strenuous keeping up with all these girls. The older two are more than enough to keep us occupied, for sure. But they have given us some brief periods of tranquility from time to time.

They are very curious about the baby and like to touch her (or slap her), kiss her, look at her, etc. So far Josie isn’t capable of doing anything to raise their ire. However, the baby is quite a capable crier and pooper. She really kept us up last night. Thankfully, though, we are getting a bit of daytime napping in the last 2 days. In fact, I am quite thrilled to report all four of my girls are still sleeping right now!

Because Josie still doesn’t “do” very much, life in the house in many ways is very similar to what it was before. We still have the same problems of girls getting picky about eating food, fighting over toys (or fighting to have space on the carpet in which to dance), screaming, doing things we just told them not to do, etc. But when we see Jadzia and Ludi have nice sisterly moments, it does give us a hopeful glimpse of what life might be like for these three girls in the future.

We had a brief incident at the hospital yesterday as we were leaving. Yoli was sitting in a wheelchair holding Josie, while a nurse stood by. They waited for me to bring the car around and come in to the lobby with the car seat. Josie was dressed in two layers of clothes (too big for her tiny body) and a beautiful white blanket made by Maud Lawrence, one of my Nan’s relatives. I came in toting the car seat and two little rolled-up blankets to support Josie’s head. A lady standing nearby came over to tell us that the baby wasn’t dressed warmly enough for the frigid temperature outside. I told this woman that the car itself was warmed up and that there were more blankets inside, but this didn’t assuage her. She began accusing us of child abuse and berating the nurse who was helping us, as her husband stood by quietly. She said she would call security, etc. It blew my mind. In any event, the nurse was kind with us, knew what she was doing, and got Josie installed in the car seat nicely.

What a way to welcome a new baby to the world. And what a wonderful feeling it gave Yoli and I as we prepared to start our new life with this new addition.

Seriously, this lady’s intentions may have been good, but her execution left much to be desired.

It goes without saying that Josie survived the drive home.

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  1. Sounds like you are both going to be very busy with 3 girls. Glad you made it home safely and are getting settled in.

  2. Sorry to hear some crazy lady ruined your hospital exit experience… isn’t it funny how people always feel compelled to give advice about anything kid-related? But I’m glad to hear all 4 of the girls are sleeping at any time! 🙂

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