Video: Family visit

Here’s the second of two videos I shot on Wednesday. This one shows my parents, my brother, sister-in-law and nephews when they came over to the hospital to meet Josie. With four toddlers/preschoolers running around the room, there was potential for much havoc. Thankfully, serious damage was avoided. I’m so glad that Justin and Becca could come up with the boys.

To watch this movie, you need Apple’s QuickTime software installed on your computer.

3 Replies to “Video: Family visit”

  1. Your great news about Josie’s arrival surely warmed my heart during this arctic weather week! Congratulations to daddy, mommy, and sisters. I know first-hand the blessing of life-long friends who happen to be sisters. I have 3 of them! What joy and adventure await the Renaud family as these little ones grow. Love, Carolyn & Sam

  2. Baby Josie is so cute! If it wasn’t for the fact that we live a thousand miles away, we would definitely come up to see our new niece! I can’t even imagine how it will be having a third whippersnapper around the house, but I know you can do it!

  3. Beautiful family!!! Hope to get to meet her before she graduates college…Best wishes and God Bless… Love the updates..

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