March madness

Jadzia loved doing the advent calendar in December, so after Christmas we bought a magnetic calendar that we change every month. EDIT: So my mom and dad got Jadzia a cool magnetic calendar for Christmas. Every month we change the days and set up the holidays and appointments.

As you can see, Jadzia has set herself an extremely busy schedule in March.

3 Replies to “March madness”

  1. Man, I want to join your family. You get to have a lot of extra holidays. Another Christmas and another Halloween?!?! You all are going to be busy!

  2. I’m just proud that you have it on the wall… we play with ours regularly, but we’ve never made it to the “hanging up” stage. Sometimes my follow-through on projects (you know, go get a nail & a hammer, really tough) is not so good. 🙂

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