Today is the day

Yoli’s parents should be here late tonight.

This morning, I got the title to our “new” minivan: a 2000 Mercury Villager in really good shape. For those who care about such things, it is a dark green color. It should be of great service to us while our family temporarily grows to 7 people.

I still need to take care of inspections, etc. Hopefully it will be drive-ready Wednesday or Thursday.

As far as the house goes, we have made a lot of progress, but much remains to be done. I guess I better stop typing and get back to cleaning while the girls are still asleep!

3 Replies to “Today is the day”

  1. Congratulations on your new minivan. Villagers are great vehicles and most minivans, if they have been maintained, last a long time. (Our 1994 Plymouth van, which we donated to a food bank in 2007, is still going strong!) You’ll find your Villager convenient for your family even after it shrinks back to 5!
    We pray for safe arrival for Yoli’s family and that you will all have a wonderful visit.

  2. We haven’t done a tremendous job of photos and video so far. We’ve just been so busy. After getting the title I still had a lot of hoops to run through before I get the necessary plates.
    The van has been well-maintained, and fared well in the inspection we paid for at Robinwood Automotive. Finally got to use it on Thursday, after installing the carseats in the back. (a major pain in the rear, but they are in there pretty darn solid)

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