SUNDAY: Malcolm W. Martin Arch overlook

Across the river from downtown St. Louis is the Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park. This year they finally completed a scenic overlook tower from which you can take great photos of the Arch and the St. Louis skyline. This past Sunday, we took Yoli’s folks and the girls to grab some photos from there.

This bronze statue of Malcolm Martin fooled us when we parked our van. We thought someone was up on the tower taking photos. Then we got up there and found it was just a statue. But Doña Lucila wanted her photo taken with it.

After our photo session on the overlook, we continued east on I-70 to Collinsville so we could attend church at Iglesia Bautista Agape. The pastor there was Yoli’s professor in seminary in Bolivia, so it was nice for Yoli’s parents to visit with a paisano.

On our way home from church, I took Yoli’s parents to the Post-Dispatch to have a look around.

Yoli and her abuelita work on Sunday dinner.

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