THURSDAY: Anheuser-Busch Brewery tour

On Thursday we made our way to that which is at the center of nearly every St. Louisan’s heart. Not time in St. Louis would be complete without it. Of course I mean the brewery tour.

We had a good time seeing all the historic buildings and fascinating industrial processes. At the end we had soda, pretzels, and a glass of O’Douls for Don Hector.

I remarked to Yoli as we were heading out of the brewery parking lot that I had forgotten to look up the address of Gus’s Pretzels, which I knew was somewhere nearby. Oh well, a missed opportunity.

But serendipitously I couldn’t find the entrance ramp to I-55 North, and we stumbled onto Gus’s just 5 minutes after that conversation.

We bought some hot dog- and salsiccia-pretzel sandwiches with honey mustard. And Gus’s just happens to have a great view of the brewery, so we took some photos.

Loading the van is always a process.

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