Catching up is hard to do

Still playing catch-up here on the blog… Someday all my websites, bunk beds, and projects will be finished and we’ll be up to date.

Ah, who am I kidding?

Anyway, here are a few choice pics from our trip to San Antonio.

Nan holds Josie in her living room.

Ludi gets messy with some sugar-free chocolate pudding.

The girls take a photo with Grandma Renaud and Aunt Joyce. We had a lovely visit with them and Aunt Carol.

The Renaud family embarks on a cruise/tour of the Riverwalk.

Going under a bridge.

An interesting sign we found in La Villita.

Ludi’s ladybug birthday cake, which Yoli made.

Alan, Jonathan, Britney, and Jadzia get ready for the Ludi-thon.

Yoli, Josie, and Ludi are ready to get their eating on.

Little princess is ready for food.

The girls hang out with their cousin Chelsea.

Group photo with Uncle Oliver, Aunt Karen, and Chelsea outside of a Toys-R-Us.

Inside a restaurant with our friend Christy.

At a bowling alley on Laughlin AFB in Del Rio, Texas, with Jonny and Britney. We had to buy a pair of socks for the girls. They took turns wearing them. The socks were also far too big.

Sorry, Josie, you’re too small to bowl.

Getting back home.

Nanny has a birthday present for Ludi after our arrival in St. Louis.

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