When people look for “the weird guy,” they find me

Through the magic of referrer logs, one can find out what search terms or phrases people typed into a search engine to get to your website.

For the heck of it, I was looking at my logs for the past year and thought some of the entries were interesting or amusing. Here’s a small sampling of what’s on the list.

P.S. – This list is for my entire joshrenaud.com website, not just this Family weblog.

Search termsTimes
driving in bolivia30
salt hotel bolivia24
bolivian weddings18
fishing in bolivia16
fishing bolivia12
donkey kong cake10
weird guy10
sre game10
solar realms elite10
mennonites in bolivia9
hogar nacer bolivia7
renaud family tree7
sheep cakes7
rosalind harris7
ferguson times6
amazing adventures6
casa hogar nacer5
barren realms elite download4
glennie wry4
donkey kong pixel4
mega goose terrorizes campus4
bolivian cakes4
adventures in bolivia4
bag milk4
josh renaud ferguson times4
download solar realms elite3
stan musial baseball cards3
play solar realms elite3
michael rankins3
josh renaud ferguson3
solar realms elite source code3
do babies need passports3
bolivian wedding traditions3
planet kazik3
ocho de mayo3
lake uyuni3
the weird guy3
joshua renaud s blog2
carnaval cruise2
king kong cake2
pastor calixto ulloa2
josh renauds grossworld2
hazelwood west gazette2
yoli renaud2
weird old guy2
miss nelson is back video2
bolivian sloth pictures2
what is feqh2
el jordan santa cruz bolivia2
richard blackhorse phillips2
bolivian mennonites in bolivia2
stan musial s family2
james bond bolivia2
amit patel sre2
stores in santa cruz that sell fondants2
lime green divider2
strawberry palmiers2
movies filmed in bolivia2
the current had demonstrated2
john becker 19172
bag of milk2
of pickles prayers and doomsday2
renaud genealogy missouri2
el palenque ferguson2
mega goose attack2
greatest salt lake2
john becker from st. louis that was murdered1
what do bolivians eat for dinner?1
fin inn grafton horror story1
repairing torn fondant already on cake1
text based strategy game1
babys born way to early1
should i do anything while the pavlik harness is on1
meramec caves st louis1
kazik other planets1
john a becker navy 19171
passports for babies usa1
is umsl a safe campus?1
newspaper page designer resume1
how long is flight to bolivia1
how many presidents has bolivia gone through in the last 5 years1
paila bridge bolivia1
st. stanislaus seminary museum1
amazing things that happend in the 1500s and 1600s1
dinosaur footprints bolivia triceratops1
union and non union entrance on construction site st. louis1
baby unhappy pavlik harness1
the yoli desert is located on what continent1
what kind of bugs are there in bolivia in march?1
dinoasaurs not the mama picture1
the hobbit pony rides in the park1
palma sola bolivian prison photo1
reinhard schuster vice chancellor umsl1
ot hodge chile parlor in ferguson1
musial baseball card quiz1
ways to get kids to sleep better in pavlik harness1
what causes honeycomb pattern in uyuni1
stick your head through the hole for a photo1
mega goose terrorizes1
newsboys play at mall?1
about quinceaneras in bolivia1
asteroids in cyberia?1
national day pledge lack of patriotism1
what does the new rio grande bridge in bolivia look like1
hobbit hole houston gandalf sandwich recipe1
darwin butler umsl1
the modus operandi of a decent cake decorating1
how to take family pictures in a botanical garden1
rock building st. louis the museum of the western jesuit missions1
what lives in the ocean and looks like a honeycomb1
price of gasoline subsidized in bolivia1
guy meats girl at wedding searches for her turns out to be cake decorator1
good reason to live in bolivia1
there comes a time in every man s life when he realizes he s met the woman of his dreams1
hug a josh day1
mega goose terrorizes campus page 41
yolange origin of name1
us citizen marrying a bolivian citizen1
book about the becker murders in 19171
semi bilingual1
carsel de palmasola bolivia1
how much would it cost to build a campus parking garage1
how to lead an attack armada upon alien enemies1
a handbook for engaged couples by alice fryling robert fryling the personal side1
can a union picket a prevailing wage job1
the current newspaper at umsl1
st. louis globe democrat names of dead 1927 tornado1

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