Festivals and face-painting

Recently, we went to a celebration of the anniversary of “Parents as Teachers” Florissant Civic Center that featured all sorts of fun activities for the girls — including face-painting.

It was the first time Jadzia, Ludi and Josie had experiences with face- (or body-) painting. Jadzia became a cat and Ludi got some butterflies on her cheeks. Both girls had flowers put on one of their arms. We didn’t think Josie would like having her face painted, but she didn’t object to a having a ladybug on her leg.

We went inside the skating rink at the civic center. Inside we found all sorts of booths and activity centers. There was a table filled with rice and little cups and spoons and plastic toys that kept Jadzia and Ludi occupied for a long time.

After spending a lot of time seeing different things inside, we headed back out. At first we thought to get in line for pony rides, but then we heard that the ponies were closing. So we went over to the inflatable jump thingy. Jadzia and Ludi both went inside. Ludi didn’t last long before she wanted to get out. Jadzia lasted much longer than she has in the past, but she wouldn’t stand up and try to jump. Instead she sat and sort of bumped up and down on her bottom.

Towards the end of our time at the festival, Jadzia and Ludi got to play with a parachute thingy with some other kids — including their friends Maggie, Molly, and Claire. They had never really done something like this, but they really enjoyed it.

The kicker for Jadzia is that she got to try it again a week later when she was in her first Awana class.

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