Jadzia’s 1st Cardinal game

For her participation in the Ferguson Library’s summer reading program, Jadzia received two free tickets to a Cardinals game. Actually she has gotten these tickets for the last few years, but has never been able to use them (or know of their existence). This year we decided she was finally big enough to try sitting through an entire baseball game.

She was very excited about the prospect of the baseball game. I had already shot video of two different Cardinal games this year: the first being the one we took Yoli’s parents to; the second being the one I went to with my dad and my uncles and all. So Jadzia was familiar with Busch Stadium from these videos.

She wanted to see Fredbird and eat a hot dog. Fredbird was definitely the biggest item on her agenda. In fact it may have been her entire agenda.

She did really well. Though she got silly in the middle innings, she calmed down and stuck with me through the entire game. It turned out to be a Cardinal victory, so that meant fireworks over Busch Stadium. And Jadzia was very pleased about that. Plus I introduced her to Cracker Jacks, and the little prize inside provided her a lot of amusement and distraction. (It was a little picture of Alexander Hamilton as a kid that could be folded to show him as an adult)

View from near where our seats were located.

We had upper deck seats, but they were positioned right above one of the corridors leading to the seats. That meant we had like a mini-row of 3 seats all to ourselves with nobody in front or behind of us. When people (like the cotton candy guy) would come out the corridor our view would be somewhat obstructed, but otherwise it was probably the perfect spot for our first game.

Surprise visit from the Anheuser-Busch clydesdales!

Fredbird! Yay, Jadzia is happy.

Hot dogs! Yay, Jadzia is happy.

Woo hoo, Fredbird is back again! Hey, why can’t you shoot some of those t-shirts up here to the upper deck?

Cleaning up the infield.

There were no home runs, but thankfully the Cards pulled out the victory and we got to see fireworks anyway.

Jadzia saw Lumiere Place’s bright ribbon display thingy on the way home and wanted to know what it was. So I took a picture for her to remember it.

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  1. A game to remember for a little girl. Horses, mascot, Cracker Jacks, fireworks and, oh yes, a Cardinal victory.

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