Photo session

The time is nearing for the shearing of Josie’s locks.

We wanted to get a good family portrait of us all before Josie becomes a pelonita, so we enlisted the talented Elie Gardner from the Post-Dispatch to help us in our quest.

We met up with Elie early last Wednesday at the Missouri Botanical Garden, one of our favorite haunts.

It’s not easy getting up early enough for such an endeavor. It requires that the adults take showers and that girls eat breakfast, get into their clothes, and have their hair combed.

Jadzia in particular gave us trouble. She didn’t want to wear a beautiful brown sweater that she was given on her birthday. Her stated reason for this was that it didn’t have any red, which she claims is her favorite color.

We forced her to wear it, but it didn’t make for a nice start.

Anyway, it was pretty chilly in the morning, and we did a lot of walking and posing in the garden. The girls did pretty well considering. But they certainly had their share of runny noses and (eventually) pouty behavior.

In any event, the photos have turned out pretty nicely. We are so grateful to Elie for working with us. We’ll be posting various photos from this session over the next few days.

Also, you can see what Elie posted on her weblog.

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  1. What a beautiful family portrait. You can never go wrong at the Botanical Gardens! You were even featured on her blog! Amazing!! I love the picture of Jadzia!

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