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  1. beautiful photos of your daughters….I do not even know any of you, but the way you write I feel at home with your family and your love for your family must be the love of God shown to the ” world” computer world!!
    Our church is in Ferguson MO. come visit us sometime or I can tell you when a special event is coming… we just had one with Ireland missionaries… we are a very small chapel… similar to the old assembly… Emmaus Bible Chapel 900 Highmont,, if you turn onto the Highmont street where the Christian Care Center/home is you would run into our chapel building… 9am worship, 10 am sunday school for kids too their own classes, and then 11 am family bible hour, no pastor, there are special speakers on our monthly calendar which you pick up inside our front door and of course, men in the chapel are asked if they want to be on the roster to speak for the year and if they do want to share ministry they are given one or two sundays on the calendar to speak. will go now take care

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