Pix from the road

Here are some photos from yesterday and today as we wound our way east to Bristol, Va., and then north up I-81 to Harrisonburg.

These photos were taken at a beautiful rest stop in Kentucky. I think. Maybe it was Tennessee. (Yoli’s not handy, so I am going to have to rely on my own faulty memory) Rend Lake, Illinois.

Monday morning uncle Jerry and aunt Thelma prepared us a nice breakfast of eggs, bacon, and English muffins. Then uncle Jerry took us to a lovely park in Bristol, which the girls loved. Our goal was to wear them out before the drive north to Harrisonburg.

Uncle Jerry also took us on a walk through some wetlands, which were lovely. We shot video there, but no photos.

We stopped at a visitor’s information center in Chilihowie and asked about scenic overlooks where we might stop for a photo along our journey. They suggested trying some part of the Blue Ridge Scenic Parkway. Yoli and I seized on this idea.

We decided to try to look for the Roanoke Star, supposedly the largest man-made star in the world. Unfortunately we picked the longest way to get there, cutting through Roanoke’s busy streets. It was a much bigger city than I thought it would be.

Anyway, once we actually made it to the Parkway, we climbed our way up to Roanoke mountain. We got some great shots of the star and of the city from on high.

(that last photo was taken by Jadzia)

We finally made it to Harrisonburg around 7 p.m. and headed with Mark and Maria Esther for some food at a Peruvian restaurant. I had aji de gallina and it was pretty tasty.

The girls were totally wound up after being in the car for so long. They had a time of wildness in the basement before finally settling down to read some stories, sing some songs, and go to sleep.

And now it’s time I did the same.

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