Important announcement from the Renaud Empire

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled afternoon tea to bring you important updates on the status of the Renaud Empire.

While other nations continue to struggle with job losses and brain drain, the Renaud Empire is pleased to report that all its citizens are fully employed:

  • Josh: Emperor, dad, newspaper designer
  • Yoli: Empress, mom, librarian
  • Jadzia: Princess No. 1, pretender
  • Ludi: Princess No. 2, player
  • Josie: Princess No. 3, wake-up-in-the-night-cryinger

Additionally, there has been no brain drain. Our heads of state today celebrate six years of holy matrimony, so neither is going anywhere anytime soon. The rest of the population is happily employed (and unable to drive, and therefore leave). But we are not content to stand pat. If we are to achieve global domination, our population must increase.

And so it is that we are pleased to make this public proclamation: We are expecting our fourth child, who will be born in April!

19 Replies to “Important announcement from the Renaud Empire”

  1. Great timing for your announcement: Thanksgiving week! May your empire continue to abound in the abundance of God’s blessings!

  2. Great news!!! Blessings and joy to Yoli, Josh, and the three little princesses (and baby)! This holiday season will be especially happy – and a wonderful 2010 to look forward to as well! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Congratulations Renaud Family!! Maybe a Josh, Jr.??? You are a blessed family!!!
    Much love and support,
    Steve and Cindy Tornatore

  4. @Mom: That gives me a different idea… all you have to do is buy 3 more carseats and a minivan. Then you can take the kids for little excursions anytime! 😛
    Thanks to all for your kind wishes! We probably should be more frightened about the future than we actually are. 😛
    But truthfully, we are very happy and looking forward to it.

  5. Ok guys, I think the perfect gift for you guys right now would be a LARGE TELEVISION hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, I´m kidding :), awwwwww congratulations guys!!!!!yoli, si entrenas a tus niñas podrían ser excelentes sirvientas y niñeras del numero 4 :), a Jadzia enseñala a lavar pañales, a Ludi a hacer biberones y que Josie haga la labor de traducir lo que diga el nuevo bebe jejejejejeje.
    Un abrazote amiga 🙂

  6. CONGRATULATIONS, to the Emperor ,Empress and the little princesses on your new little sweet one. You are a wonderful family.

  7. New life! Always something to be thankful for. Congratulations to your wonderful family.
    Linda from Friendship International

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