Lawn care

Beautiful weather left me with no excuse to avoid raking leaves today.

The girls offered their “help” which lasted for a while. Mostly they wanted me to make piles that they could play in.

Ludi was the best helper, probably, grabbing small handfuls and putting them into the yard waste bag. But she’s not quite tall enough to reach in, so she would have to pull the bag down.

Jadzia, on the other hand, could grab a nice big clump of leaves, and she was plenty tall. But she wasn’t all that interested in working.

(Josie offered moral support, and mostly just enjoyed being outside)

I finished the front yard, but the side yards and back yard remain. I also have 4 ornamental grasses that I need to trim for the winter.

And, as usual, the tree in the front yard is still loaded with leaves. It’s going to be a loooong fall.

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  1. Okay, so today (Sunday) I came up with some good excuses to not deal with the remaining leaves: neighbors were having a part in their backyard + NFL Sunday.

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