More on birthdays (including yours)

So, I hit a milestone 10 days ago: the big three-oh. Haven’t really noticed anything different, other than my brother Justin referring to me as “old man” on the phone today. (But then I am still called “young Josh” by at least one coworker)

Because my b-day took place out of town, we didn’t really have a cake or presents. But this week Yoli did make a nice carrot cake for us. At that time Jadzia and company sang “Happy Birthday” and I blew out the candle (Yes, immediate family, one candle).

The cake would have lasted a couple days, except that yesterday while Yoli was at work, I burned part of it and infused the rest with an undesirable smoky flavor. Ah, the perils of electric stovetops. You want to boil some water for a spot of tea while you go to the bathroom, and you come back to find a blackened cake pan.

Today I got a present from one of my bros, delivered via my folks. We picked it up from them this morning at church. Jadzia reminded me that she hasn’t forgotten that she and her sisters still haven’t gotten me a present. She knows exactly what she wants the family to give me — a new copy of “The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters” (Either she or Ludi scratched/cracked up my previous copy and rendered it unreadable) — and she brings it up regularly.

So, I’m curious about YOU. What are your birthday customs? Have a particularly memorable birth day or week or moment? Share it in the comments!

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  1. When I was young, my friends sometimes gave me a serenade the night before my birthday. When we were raising ducks, my dad always celebrated our birthdays eating duck. I hate duck. Finally, my mom asked one day what I wanted to have, and that was the end of duck on my birthday. We didn’t shared presents in my family, but sometimes I got a present from my closest friend.

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