We lost Tio Adonai

Today, Yoli’s Tio Adonai died.

Though he had been struggling with some health problems for a long time, this turn for the worse happened very suddenly. We had just begun talking about how it might be possible to go down to Bolivia sooner than planned in order to see him.

But it wasn’t to be. God took him home early.

Unfortunately, it seems certain Yoli will not travel to Bolivia. His burial will take place tomorrow. Deaths and burials are not handled the same down there as they are here. When someone dies, they don’t wait around — mostly because they aren’t able to. It’s a tropical climate and almost summertime right now.

Tio Adonai was a very special man, and it’s almost too sad for me to even write. We will miss him. We are sorry he didn’t have the chance to meet Josie.

If you have time, please pray for Yoli’s family, and especially Adonai’s wife Miriam. This is a devastating loss.

3 Replies to “We lost Tio Adonai”

  1. Our brief time with him in Bolivia was enough to be profoundly affected by his generosity, hospitality and sweet, friendly spirit. What a privilege to be able to call him a loved member of our family.

  2. I’ll never know what tío Adonai was telling Ludi during that last photo. But ever since, Ludi will hit my forehead with hers when I get close to her.

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