Young author

Today I decided to try and help the girls make up their own stories and write them down. Here are the first fruits of this labor. The following stories are by Jadzia, with some prodding by me.

There was a girl named Mary. She liked to dance.

A mouse came into her bed. He was a big mouse, bigger than Mary.

Now there was a boy. His name was Jeff. He was the king and the dad.

There was another girl. Her name was Elizabeth. She was the queen and the mom.

There was a prince. His name was Josh.

They all took a cannon, they spread some juice they broke some glass and they pushed on the mouse. The mouse was dead.

And then they all danced.

The night was dark at the sky with stars shining, raccoons hiding.

Mary snuggled with her mom and dad in their bed. Elizabeth was in bed during the day to have a nap. With Elizabeth was the dad.

After the nighttime, they went to have a trip. Foxes came. They were so big foxes. Mary said “we have to get these foxes out!” And they did. Eight foxes dead.

One day Mary was sad because there was no mom and dad. She didn’t know where they were at. (They were with grandma). Mary wasn’t with anyone.

Mary goes to grandma. She calls their number, 186. She went on the road to find her mom and dad. They weren’t there. They were back at home.

She went back home. They were in their beds. And she went to bed.

I pointed out this was a good place to end the story. Jadzia said “But wait, there’s more!” The following addendum was narrated rapid-fire by Jadzia without any direction from me.

Then they drawed with some paint and they did more stuff. Then they ate lunch at the restaurant with grandma and grandpa. Then they all went back home and they went to eat some dinner after some nap. Then they woke up again and had some dinner and then it was nighttime. They all went to sleep.

And more happened. And Mary had a job for her dad and mom to do. They did some crafts at the church. Then they went back home and had some music to do. They had pizza for lunch. Then it was so, so, so tasty they loved it more than they did.

In the nighttime there were foxes again! They took a lot of glasses from their glass-out-place (That’s where you have lots of glasses and it can’t finish). They took out more and put juice with water and mixed it up, and pushed and pushed and got all the foxes dead. No more foxes. Dead.

They went to sleep. They were so so happy. They went to get some pizza the next weekend for dinner. They ate it and ate and ate then went to sleep for their nap.

Now it’s finished.

Shortly after this, Jadzia dictated another, briefer story:

One girl went to the zoo and they went to go and see the animals like pandas, giraffes, zebras, kangaroos, bears. They also got a picnic in a Japanese yard. Then they went to see a movie later on. The movie was called “Spiderman gets hurt.”

They had so much fun they went back home and slept.

The end.

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