High-speed internet alternatives in St. Louis?

It’s no secret that the Renaud Empire is a thrifty state.

So, while we are lovers of technology, we have never ponied up for cable, high-speed internet access, or cell phones. There doesn’t seem to be enough competition among service providers in those areas; consequently, prices stay high.

We have stuck with dial-up over the years. But not just any dialup: $6/month dialup. That’s pretty doggone cheap for internet access.

Similarly, we dumped AT&T long distance within the last year because I got tired of all the extra taxes and fees, and the way they kept re-doing their plans every couple years (and making them all more expensive). Now we use a special calling card that makes it pretty inexpensive to call long-distance, or even internationally to Bolivia.

For a while I have considered upgrading to high-speed internet. Especially tempting was the $10/month DSL that AT&T was required by law to provide for 2 years after its merger. I have looked around to see if this deal still exists, but I think it may be kaput.

What I am wondering is if anyone can suggest broadband internet alternatives to the big ones that everybody knows (AT&T, Charter Cable, etc). Any local St. Louis companies offering DSL? Satellite providers? You get the idea.

I’d be love to hear about anything under $18/month … if such plans services actually exist.

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