You wanted him, you got him

Just to re-assure everyone that Joseph is alive and well. The dearth of photos here is purely a result of our being very busy and sleep-deprived.

Joseph is a very pleasant baby overall, though he is beginning to enter his more fussy stage. Also this week he seems to have had some sort of virus which ultimately led to two trips to the doctor’s office. (One of those visits lasted all morning as I took him around DePaul getting blood tests, x-rays, etc)

He is just fine, no cause for alarm. But whenever babies have fevers (even slight ones), doctors get very concerned and want to make sure it’s not something serious.

Anyway, here are some photos from different things that have been going on our life in April and May.

Yoli’s teacher from Friendship International, Marilyn, came to visit and see Joseph.

Little mini-portrait of the family.

Josie likes to stand on all fours and look under her legs. She’s been doing this for a couple months.

Mamá and Joseph.

The kids (that’s hard to write — I am used to saying “the girls”) pose at the first Ferguson Farmer’s Market of the year.

Papá talks with the honey man at the market.

That first week was pretty busy. We came home with some honey, pepper plants, and other plants. The following week we came home with 10 lbs of lard.

There is no shortage of imaginative play at our house.

Papá putting the finishing touches on our new Kenmore dishwasher on Mother’s Day (attaching the hot water line).

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  1. Caramba amiga¡¡¡ felicidades¡¡ que gran bendicion¡¡ CUATRO¡¡¡ eso¡¡¡¡ vayan por el quinto¡¡¡ mil bendiciones

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