Two adults and four kids walk onto a plane…

We now has passports in hand for Josie and Joseph. I was surprised how fast they processed the applications. In fact, they did it so quickly, we may have enough time to apply for Bolivia visas for them.

So now my attention turns to other things, like how the heck we are going to survive travel in a plane with four children, two of whom will be on our laps.

Yeah, we are taking them as lap kids. I mean, there’s really no way around it. The tickets are going to run about $1,100-1,200 apiece, and I am willing to endure 8 hours of insanity on a plane to save a couple grand.

Plus, there is a decent chance they will put us at the back of the plane with some empty seats, at least on the flight to Bolivia. If that happens, BONUS.

I came across a cool blog entry today about a clip toy a mom made for her toddler. This looks like something that’s right up Josie’s alley:

I think I’ll try to make one myself.

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  1. I hope you and your family have a great and easy trip to Bolivia! We have traveled via plane with multiple lap babies – hopefully they will give you an extra seat!

  2. Wishing the best for that trip! How long is the flight, btw? Of course I might point out that it’s two adults and two kids walk onto the plane. The other two kids are being carried by the hopefully not harried adults….:)

  3. Judi, it’s about 7 hours from Miami to Sta. Cruz. One or both of the flights will be overnight, which will (hopefully) help with the kids.

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