Attack of the cousins

My nephews came to stay in town with my parents for four days. It has been a fun time for our girls. The first two days we went over to Nanny’s house to play.

The girls love any excuse to see their Nanny and play in a different locale. But the addition of their two cousins to the mix makes for icing on the cake.

But two days wasn’t enough. Today the boys and their Nanny came with us to the Ferguson Farmer’s Market.

Yoli and I sampled some wine at a free wine tasting offered by Cork Wine Bar, then bought some fresh corn, blackberries, and peaches. I almost got some okra from one farm, but they had already divided it into portions, mixing too-big okras with the good small ones.

Nanny got us some water and everyone enjoyed some fresh blackberries at a picnic table in the shade.

After the market, we headed up to January-Wabash park to play on the playground. The boys tackled the play equipment with gusto. Jadzia followed them all over, but wouldn’t go down the slides. The boys also enlisted my help to cross two sets of monkey bars (about five times each!).

Finally, we all headed back to my house where all the kids played in the yard. You can see photos of that below. After that it was time for a lunch of hot dogs and fruit salad, while I headed out to have lunch with some of my fellow former Current editors and our former adviser, Judi. (Followed by my regularly-scheduled Saturday work shift)

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  1. Wow, Josh, you did have a busy day! The kids are all so adorable and undoubtedly delightful. I was late getting to the market today; sorry I missed them. But I really did enjoy that lunch with all of you former editors and ad/business guys–and gal.

  2. The boys were asleep in the car within 2 minutes of leaving your house. Thanks for helping me to wear them out!

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