AT&T’s $14.95 DSL might get me to switch

So, I’m revisiting high-speed internet options in St. Louis again.

The main reason is that AT&T is offering three of their DSL plans for $14.95 for 12 months.

This is a great price point for me, since it’s under the $18/month I mentioned in my previous entry about looking for high-speed internet.

If we go for this plan, we will also immediately start looking into Skype, Vonage, Google Phone, and other options to replace our local AT&T phone service. I think we can come out ahead on our combine phone and internet bills (during these 12 months, at least).

We want to dump the phone service because the bill just keeps getting more expensive — additional taxes and surcharges are added all the time. I think it’s supposed to be $18 or $19, but the actual bill is closer to $30 when it comes.

So, folks, who has experience with AT&T internet? Is the service okay?

What about replacing the home phone with internet choices. Anyone have experience with that?

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  1. I use cable internet at home, but have used Vonage since late 2004, and the service is as good as anything from AT&T, and no long distance.
    I have the lowest cost plan, originally $14.95, but now I think it’s $18.95; with taxes and fees, about $25.00
    You just plug the Vonage box into your DSL or cable modem, then plug a phone (or cordless phone base station) into the Vonage box. Or you can instead plug a regular phone line from the box into a wall telephone jack and every connected phone in the house will be on the vonage system, just like they now work. If you do this, though, make sure you disconnect AT&T’s line from the network box on the outside of your house, since it always has power going through it, even when you don’t have AT&T service.
    Because of the Vonage connection box that plugs into your DSL or cable modem, you do not need to keep your computer on to use the phone. It’s always available.
    The service is alway working too. Up 24/7. I wish my cable service was as reliable.
    If your cable or DSL line goes out, or you have a power outage, you can set your Vonage number to automatically send all calls to another phone number, like a cell phone.

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