A table, wild tomatoes, leaves, and turkey bread

Check out our roundup of fall photos from October and November.

The table

My parents surprised us by finding a nice old table to give us as an early Christmas present. The surprise was augmented by the way they told us about it on a Wednesday evening, just as we were starting to wind down.

We drove out to St. Ann parish in Normandy (the entire family) to meet my folks and look at the table. By the end of the night we had brought home a whole bunch of chairs, a table, and a nice cabinet.

Wild tomatoes

A few weeks before we left for Bolivia, we noticed that a wild tomato plant had sprung up in an unlikely place near our front porch. Though late to the party, the tomatoes grew well. The unseasonably warm early fall helped them get bigger and redder than I thought they might.


We have had one good raking session so far this fall. (I need to have another even bigger session one of these days) The girls took advantage for having some fun.

Around the house

Reading on the floor? Why not?

The two males


This was an usual Thanksgiving for us. In years past we have celebrated at my parents’ house, along with my brother Justin, his wife Becca, and their two sons. It has traditionally been a busy, fun day.

This year both my folks and Justin’s family ended up going to San Antonio to join other family there for Thanksgiving. The nice thing was that my youngest brother Jonathan and his wife Brittney would be in St. Louis for Thanksgiving. So we were going to have them at our house this year for the feast.

At the Vine farmer’s market the weekend before Thanksgiving, Yoli noticed a vendor selling turkey-shaped bread. She knew immediately she wanted to make her own. So she did!

But as the holiday approached, we got some sad news. Brittney’s great-grandmother died. So, they had to change plans and go out of town.

Thanksgiving was still fun. Yoli made some stuff the day before (Yorkshire puddings, etc). We elected not to have mashed potatoes this year because the girls haven’t been eating them lately and we weren’t going to have guests. It actually made things easier and we still had plenty of different things to eat: turkey, cornbread, cranberry relish, vegetables, etc. For dessert we had a clafoutis.

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