Terror-free detangling

For our three girls, tangles are a terror.

My girls have beautiful, long, straight, dark hair. But their hair tends to get very tangly. Ludi’s hair is the worst of the bunch, and that is primarily because she gets a lot of food and other substances in it.

When it comes time for combing, you can count on the crying.

… Until this week!

A couple weeks ago, I noticed an entry on a blog I read called Parent Hacks in which a mom named Lisa tells about a brushing breakthrough for her daughter.

Here’s what we do now — we roll her hair. That is we don’t brush and pull, we roll the brush down her mane. The first time I thought I was still asleep and dreaming. In no time her long locks become silk. We don’t pull, we roll.

Of course, it sounded to good to be true, but I had to pass the tip along to Yoli. This week she began trying this technique, and it has worked. Just like Lisa says above, it takes very little time for the girls’ hair to become silky and untangled, and their is little or no crying.

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