At Christmastime last December we had grand plans of building a bigger gingerbread house than we had in 2009. Yoli checked out recipe books, we bought candy, and she even got as far as baking panels for the house. But….

Various things popped up that kept us from finishing the house, so after a bit we just let the girls eat the panels. And we never came back to the house.

As usual, they (which is to say Jadzia) didn’t forget.

They have been pestering Yoli for weeks about making the gingerbread house. They even brought up a story we had read in December called “The Little Graham Cracker House,” in which a poor mother uses graham crackers to build increasingly beautiful houses. “We can make one out of graham crackers, too!”

Yoli finally bought the graham crackers and last night she and the girls put together the house.

The house did not live to see my return from work. Almost as quickly as it was assembled, the girls chomped until it was no more.

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