Joseph: one and loving it

One year ago, it was after 1 a.m. and Yoli was making crepes in anticipation of our new baby’s arrival the next day. As she was cooking, her first contractions began. After a while we had to call in my folks and head out to the hospital. No rest for the weary that night!

But what a wonderful year we have had with Joseph. He is such a lovely, playful, curious boy who fills us with joy. He’s not perfect, but he has been a sort of respite compared with some of our other babies.

Tonight we had a lovely birthday party, attended by my parents and Jon and Brittney. Much pizza, cake, and mate/chai was consumed.

Joseph got some clothes and a toy camera and a play workbench. I wasn’t sure if he would take to the workbench but he began playing with it right away. Happy first year, lil guy.

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