More on the iPad 2 + Video!

I knew I had made some waves when my dad called me to find out why I purchased an iPad 2. “You never buy the state-of-the-art computers,” he said.

This is true. We often buy second-hand, whether it’s computers, minivans, or baby stuff.
(Keep reading to see a video)

The long and the short of it is this: I don’t have a cell phone. If I ever got one, it would be an iPhone, but the call plans and the data plans are just insanely expensive. But a WiFi-only iPod Touch or an iPad? Those were within the realm of possibility.

There were (and are) great deals to be had on the original iPad because the new one is launching. However the iPad 2 had a new processor as well as cameras, which the original lacked. I felt like this was the time to go whole hog and get something on the bleeding edge. We’ve had our iPad for a week now. It’s really fun, and even better, really handy.

Yoli has been Skyping with her sister and her family quite a bit. That’s probably the biggest new thing for us, the ability to do video chatting. This morning they were chatting for about an hour and a half. Her mom and dad got to see all the children, and even see various rooms in our house (thanks to the portability of the iPad and WiFi).

I’ve also been experimenting with the iPad’s video capabilities. The video camera is adequate, but not outstanding. But it is definitely functional. The best thing is using iMovie to edit video right after I shoot it. It’s incredibly convenient, the software as very easy to use, and surprisingly powerful.

Speaking of video, here’s a video of Yoli teaching Jadzia some cooking techniques yesterday. Shot and edited on the iPad 2.

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