Video: Tree removal

Though I had hoped we would get to it sooner, tree cutting finally came today. As I write this, the guys are hard at work slicing that monster into small pieces and getting it all out to the curb.

The following video shows the tree removal early in the process this morning and then again in the afternoon when I brought the girls to see the tree before it was gone.

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  1. Josh, I’m Carol and Your Dad’s 3rd cousin on a different side of the Renaud family tree.
    I saw Carol’s link and came here to see the tree. I’m semi-blind and could not find
    at first the place to start the Video, it could be because I have Zoom Text and everything is enlarged 1.75 times normal. I don’t know if it’s visible easily to everyone but just in case I thought I would drop you a note. Awesome Video. Thank God your Wife and Chidlren are safe! God speed the reconstruction.

  2. The final shots of the girls in the backyard watching the tree cutting is especially poignant; a large contrast between their small stature against that enormous tree.

  3. If we lived up there, Oliver would have been over there hauling it to the lumber yard to be planed. He uses oak and any other hard wood for his cutting boards that he makes. And oak is expensive here. You might have them cut some up to take to your mom’s for the fireplace.

  4. What a daunting task. And sad too. I imagine that old tree saved on some A/C during the hot summer months! Keeps some wood! If nothing else, your father could use it for firewood. Beautiful oak…………
    I hope the girls were okay seeing their house like it was?
    Love ya Josh!

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